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Texas Legislative Service The Texas Legislative Service was founded in 1924 under the motto "Nulla Lex Sine Luce" which translated means "No law without light". Prior to that time there was no easy method of monitoring the actions of the Texas legislature. Since then, TLS has graduated from a daily journal and bill copy service to extensive personalized reporting both in printed media and on computer with TELICON.
TELICON Full-Text revolutionized the legislative process in Texas with its "same day" text of bills and amendments, Boolean search engine and bill comparison utilities. NIGHTWriter brought comprehensive personalized computer reports to the desktop overnight with just a few keystrokes. TELRAN, the multi-state connection, highlighted to lobbyists that legislation that is seen in Texas many times is drafted in other states - states that are in session annually. Campaign Finance opened the last big door to open government by detailing contributions to legislators and candidates in virtually hundreds of easy to configure reports. And our most recent service, TxALERT, provides notification within minutes when something happens to your key bills, on your pager, and in detail.

TELICON is focussed on the needs of legislative professionals. That is why the TELICON program is used in more states and by more paying clients than any other state legislative program in the country.

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